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Legal Information Buyer's Guide & Reference Manual

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. A Brief History of Legal Publishing
3. Taking On the Legal Publishers: the Making of the FTC Guides
4. Building and Maintaining Your Law Library
5. Evaluating Legal Materials
6. The Question of Supplements
7. Unsolicited Shipments, Telemarketing and Other Practices
8. Used Law Books: The Economical Alternative

Part II: Categories of Legal Publications

  9. State Statutes
10. Federal Statutes
11. Regulations
12. Municipal Ordinances
13. Case Reporters
14. Annotated Reports
15. Digests
16. Citators
17. Legal Encyclopedias
18. Looseleaf Services
19. Legal Periodicals
20. Legal Newspapers
21. Legal Newsletters
22. General Law-Related Reference Titles
23. Legal Acquisitions Toolbox
24. Legal Resources on CD-ROM
25. Computer-Assisted Legal Research
26. Finding Law on the Internet
27. Legal Treatises: Administrative Law to Zoning (518 Pages)

Administrative Law
Admiralty and Maritime Law
Advertising Law
Agency Law
Antitrust Law
Appellate Practice
Arts, Entertainment & Sports Law
Automobile & Trans. Law and Practice
Banking and Finance Law
Bankruptcy Law
Civil Rights
Class Actions
Commercial Law
Computer Law
Conflict of Laws
Constitutional Law
Construction Law
Contract Law
Copyright Law
Criminal Law
Disabilities Law
Education Law
Elder Law
Election Law
Environmental Law
Equity Jurisprudence
Family Law
Federal Practice and Procedure
Gambling Law
Health and Hospital Law
Historic Preservation Law
Immigration Law
Indian Law
Insurance Law
Judges and Judicial Conduct
Juries, Jury Instructions & Jury Verdicts
Labor and Employment Law
Legal Education
Legal Forms
Legal Profession
Legal Research & Writing
Medical Jurisprudence
Military Law and National Security
Municipal Corporations
Natural Resources and Energy Law
Nonprofit Corporations
Patents, Trademarks and
Intellectual Property
Products Liability
Public Utilities
Real Property
Religion and the Law
Restatements of the Law
Securities Law
Social Security Law
Statutory Construction
Tort Law
Trial Practice
Trusts and Estates
Workers Compensation Law
Zoning and Planning Law

28. State Publications: A Practitioner's Guide
(major legal publications for each state)
Alabama to Wyoming (including the District of Columbia)


A. Leading Legal Publishers: Their History, and Product Lines

B. Legal Publishers: Addressees and Telephone Numbers

C. Used Lawbook Dealers: Addresses and Telephone Numbers

D. State and Local Legal Newspapers

E. Representative Used Lawbook Prices

F. AALL Guide to Fair Business Practices for Legal Publishers

G. Treatise Costs Spreadsheet

H. State Statutory Codes by Publisher

I. Historical Coverage of Online Appellate Court Decisions

J. Cost Saving Tips

K. Bibliography



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