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Legal Information Buyer's Guide & Reference Manual

Quotes from Legal Professionals

Cited by Legal Information Alert
(Sept. 2004) as one of the Top 20
Innovations and Services
in the field
of legal information in the past ten years.
Their list also included Google.

"I don’t know how law librarians managed publication costs effectively before the Legal Information Buyer’s Guide came upon the scene."

- Elyse Fox, Legal Information Services

"This monumental resource is the product of rare expertise and scholarship by a respected expert in the field of legal literature...For those attorneys without the benefit of the assistance of a professional law librarian, Svengalis' book is a godsend."

- Donna Bausch in Law Practice Management

"Surely the most comprehensive, single-volume guide to legal information resources available today."

- David Bachman in Law Books in Review

"I personally have not encountered the type of cost-conscious analysis in any other publication of this type. I would recommend this book to anyone who simply wishes to become better informed with regard to legal bibliography."

- Jack Montgomery in Against the Grain

"The first serious attempt to provide lawyers with the information they need to bring the costs of legal information under control...I know of no other publication like it."

- Joe Stephens in the Oregon Bar Bulletin

"Svengalis has now written a book...which details all he knows--and he knows a lot--about to get a quality collection of legal materials at the least possible price."

- Fritz Snyder in Legal Information Alert

"The Guide provides not only cost-saving strategies in the selection and purchase of legal materials, but also serves as a valuable reference for analyzing the quality of an existing collection or starting a new one."

- Julius Marke in the New York Law Journal

"This is a very accessible reference work which should be consulted by every lawyer who is concerned about the costs of maintaining an up-to-date legal library at a reasonable cost...By writing this book, Mr. Svengalis has performed a signal service to legal publications consumers throughout the country."

- Caroline Cornwell in the Rhode Island Bar Journal

"The author gives expert advice on saving costs while at the same time having an effective law library, and provides specific information on how to do so."

- New York State Bar Journal

"All in all, this book provides lots of money-saving advice, can help you or your law librarian assess the quality of your existing collection, and might prove useful if you want to add a practice area to your collection and need guidance about obtaining the proper research materials."

- Bottom Line Management

"...His book has already become popular with law librarians who recognize Svengalis as a leader in the profession and a prophet who has the courage to speak the truth about legal publishing."

- Georgia Briscoe in The Colorado Lawyer

"You can't imagine how we revere your work on this incredible incredible resource. Thank you, thank you, thank you."

- Marcia R. Bell, Director, San Francisco Law Library

"I want to express my appreciation for your "Legal Information Buyer's Guide"; it is hands-down the most useful book on legal information ever written."

- A leading academic law library director


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Kendall F. Svengalis Recipient of the 1999 Connie E. Bolden Significant Publications Award
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Kendall F. Svengalis Recipient of the 1998 Joseph L. Andrews Bibliographical Award
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