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Legal Information Buyer's Guide & Reference Manual

Discover what 2,000 law libraries have already learned about cost savings!:

Legal Information Buyer's Guide & Reference Manual

The oldest, most exhaustive, and most trusted consumer guide to legal information published in the United States.

It is the only book that tracks both prices and supplementation costs for thousands of titles.

As a valued customer, you not only benefit immeasurably from timely access to critical cost and supplementation cost data, but you lend your support to the only systematic scrutiny of legal publishers and their pricing practices from a law librarian’s perspective.

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Kendall Svengalis

The Revised 2017 Edition Now Includes:

  • Thirty additional pages of material, now totaling 961 pages
  • More than 80 new treatises, reference titles, and other product reviews (Chapter 27)
  • Enhanced bibliographies of legal treatises in 66 subject areas, including 77 titles on Legal Research and Writing, with new, used, electronic, and West Monthly Assured Print Pricing on more than 2,600 titles in all (Chapter 27)
  • Enhanced bibliography of legal reference titles (Chapter 22)
  • Updated bibliographies of state legal resources and research guides (Chapter 28)
  • Completely updated bibliographic data for all covered titles
  • Completely updated cost and supplementation figures through 2017, with supplementation figures through 2016 (and 2017 for Matthew Bender).
  • Completely updated cost spreadsheet for supplemented titles (Appendix H)
  • Completely updated charts and tables reflecting 2016 annual reports and pricing data
  • Completely updated sample Westlaw and Lexis costs (Chapter 25)
  • Completely updated sample CALR costs for all vendors (Chapter 25)
  • Completely updated spreadsheet of caselaw coverage for all CALR vendors
  • Completely updated spreadsheet of published state statutory codes
  • Recent industry developments and acquisitions, including profit margins (Chapter 2)
  • Updated information on Fastcase and Law360
  • Cumulative supplementation cost data going back 24 years — all at your fingertips — to guide your acquisitions and de-acquisitions decisions
  • Special alerts of egregious price and supplementation cost increases in recent years
  • Information you will find in no other source

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