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A Layperson’s Guide to Legal Research and Self-Help Law Books

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A revolutionary new guide to legal research for laypersons and students!

Unlike previous bibliographies of self-help law books, A Layperson’s Guide to Legal Research and Self-Help Law Books adopts a new approach. Each subject-specific bibliography is prefaced by commentary on the nature of the law of that field, together with links to online sources for further information, including legal research guides. The intent is to give laypersons some broader context in which to comprehend the nature of the specialty of their concern.

Includes over 800 titles in 87 subject areas, predominantly of the self-help variety. This is intended to be a selective, rather than comprehensive, bibliography, since many of the self-help titles on the market vary in quality.

The reviews themselves are often lengthier than those appearing in previous annotated bibliographies of self-help law books. The intent is to provide more substantive reviews that educate the reader about the nature of the law in question, rather than a merely cursory overview of the book’s content.

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Legal Information Buyer's Guide & Reference Manual

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Discover what over 2,000 law libraries have already learned about cost savings!

The Legal Information Buyer's Guide & Reference Manual is the oldest, most exhaustive, and most trusted consumer guide to legal information published in the United States.

It is also the only book that tracks both prices and supplementation costs for thousands of titles.

Will pay for itself many times over!

"... hands-down the most useful book on legal information ever written." Academic Law Library director

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